Interzum 2019

Meet Laader Berg 2019 at Interzum


Utech Asia 2019

Meet Laader Berg at UTECH Asia, Guangzhou, China


K-2019 Dusseldorf, Germany

Meet Laader Berg, 16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23 October 2019 at the K-Messe in Dusseldorf, Germany


PU Tech India 2020

Meet Laader Berg at PU Tech India 2020, 1-2-3- April 2020, India Expo Centre - Expo XXI, Radisson Hotel, Noida, india


PU China 2020

Meet Laader Berg, 2020 at UTECH Asia in Shanghai China


UTECH 2021

Meet Laader Berg at Utech Europe 2021, Maastrich, Netherland


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Return of your Maxfoam™ investment

There are many factors and influences which determine your return on investment. Market valuation, production cost, quality and yield, as well as machine operation and performance. Maxfoam™ technology minimizes production cost and maintenance whilst maximizing your production quality and yield.


  • Satisfied customers and consumers.
  • Stable and repetitive quality foam.
  • High quality and high value products produced from the foam block.
  • Avoid rejected foam.
  • Machine efficiency.

Even density and higher quality throughout the foam block:

  • Higher yield.
  • Minimal waste and lower chemical consumption. 
  • Effective operational run hours per year.
  • Reduced operating cost.

Fewer employees needed to run the machine:

  • Low kWh consumption.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Fewer stops in production.
  • Reduce machine set up time.
  • Lower investment cost.

Long machine life time:

  • Low maintenance troughout the duration of your machine's operational lifetime.
  • Higher return of investment (ROI) on your machine's operational lifetime.

Laader Berg® provide unparalleled return on investment (ROI). Through Maxfoam™ machines, solutions and technology which create optimal use of chemicals to produce the highest quality foam at low operating cost. Maxfoam™ by Laader Berg® is the most cost efficient foaming system available today.