PU Tech India 2020

Meet Laader Berg at PU Tech India 2020, 17-18-19 September 2020, India Expo Centre - Expo XXI, Radisson Hotel, Noida, india


PU China 2020 -

Meet Laader Berg, 2020 at PU China in Shanghai China


Interzum 2020 -Bogota

Meet Laader Berg 2020 at Interzum Bogota


UTECH Europe 2021 -Maastricht

Meet Laader Berg at Utech Europe 2021, Maastrich, Netherland


Interzum 2021 -Cologne

Meet Laader Berg 2021 at Interzum


PU China 2021 - Guangzhou

Meet Laader Berg at UTECH Asia, Guangzhou, China


K Messe 2022 -Dusseldorf Germany

Meet Laader Berg at: 19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26 October 2022 at the K-Messe in Dusseldorf, Germany


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The Plant

Your Maxfoam™ Plant is designed for ease of use and tailored to meet your own individual requirements.

Equipped with a wide range of features and functions which provide benefit and value. Your Maxfoam™ Plant combines leading world class technology and expertise with strong, robust and durable machine equipment, to create a state of the art foaming production plant capable of meeting your customers demands not only today but in the future. 

To learn more about the benefits of Maxfoam™ technology, our machines and plant options, please contact us. 

Maxfoam™ technology creates and processes all common foam types, providing greater opportunities for our customers.