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Remote support

​​Our remote support service enables you to receive the help you need from our engineers and service staff, quickly and efficiently, via a remote link to your Maxfoam Computer System.

You can also use our remote support service to ask any questions you may have about the foam or the status and operation of your machines.

Please click on the 'Remote client' link below and install the program on your computer. The program is verified and safe to download. When the program is installed, contact our office to get your access code.

On-site service / supervisor

Laader Berg’s supervisors are a vital resource in our partnership philosophy. These highly skilled individuals provide the assistance and training you need to fully exploit Laader Berg’s state-of-the-art technology.

A Laader Berg technician or supervisor can visit you for on-site support or assistance. Having travelled all over the world successfully installing and commissioning Laader Berg machines, our team has acquired a unique level of expertise and hands-on experience of foaming factories and the foaming process.

We can help to install new equipment, incorporate new chemicals and formulations, conduct trials, and optimize your parameters to achieve premium foam quality and yield.

Machine assessment

A full visual inspection of the Laader Berg foaming machine and block cutter. Safe operation and maximum foam quality and yield are more than ever top priorities among foamers around the world. To make sure your machinery is up to date and fully utilized, Laader Berg offers a comprehensive Machine Assessment. In this assessment, we compare the actual status of the machine with the latest design and available options.

With more than 560 machines installed around the world, in companies of all different sizes, Laader Berg is an experienced advisor for best practices, value-enhancing options, industry trends, time-saving procedures and new solutions that generate real pay-back. That is how we make sure we have the most satisfied customers!

The Machine Assessment Report will give you a robust assessment of how much you stand to gain from having an up-to-date machine, in terms of safety, efficiency and yield.

Your machine compared to the current state of the art

1–2 days of visual inspection

Technical meeting on-site

Comprehensive report – technology and commercial

Human and machine safety aspects evaluated

Machine yield evaluated

Foam quality evaluated


Laader Berg has a global presence with representatives in every corner of the world, providing top-notch services to customers worldwide

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