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Foaming Machines

Our technology

Our portfolio of sophisticated machines is the result of many years of experience and development. We always listen to our customers and international raw material producers when improving our technology and solutions.

To ensure a long lifetime and optimal use of valuable raw materials, our team of engineers are focused on designing sustainable machinery with European quality.

In-house development ensures that our state-of-the-art control systems are fully integrated with our machines’ mechanical design, and we have already prepared them for next generation add-ons to further improve productivity and foam quality.

By making the machinery easy to use, we reduce the complexity of producing foam. The foaming process is handled by the control system, and our intuitive user interface empowers operators to spend less time on tedious tasks and focus more on producing high-quality products.

The Maxfoam™ and Multimax™ ranges from Laader Berg meet all your foam production needs, delivering high quality and yield, with low running costs.

Our concept enables combinations of trough, liquid lay-down, high- and low-pressure, and CO2 systems, all in one machine. The machines' flexibility allows the operator to choose the best foaming method for each product.


The Maxfoam™ 50-series includes a range of machines with all options available. You will find these machines all over the world, producing a wide range of flexible polyurethane foam for a variety of industries. Examples include furniture, mattresses, automotive components, footwear, etc.

Multimax™ series

The Multimax™ series is our most versatile machine range, and the obvious choice for a large foam producer with a very wide range of products and the highest demand for throughput. With the trough system as the most cost-efficient foaming method for comfort foams and direct liquid lay-down for other special foam applications, the machine is prepared to meet all the requirements of the flexible polyurethane foam market.

Maxfoam™ Compact

The Maxfoam™ Compact is the perfect choice for space-efficient foam production. A modern design, backed up with a well-proven trough and fallplate system and our world-famous mixing system, provides unbeatable price/performance.


Laader Berg has a global presence with representatives in every corner of the world, providing top-notch services to customers worldwide

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