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Laader Berg's clients are always satisfied with our services, enjoying a professional and seamless experience with our global network of experts.

Clients testimonials

We installed our first Laader Berg machine in 1975, and this year’s machine is number 7 in line. The Laader Berg machines are reliable foaming machines, easy to operate, and are running without problems. Producing foam with the highest yield and quality is a necessity in a more and more competitive market. With Laader Bergs Maxfoam™ machine and the company's support, we have a partner in foaming.

Khalil Group

Mr. Hussein Hoballah

“Laader Berg was selected for this machine because of their excellent reputation in the industry for building slabstock machines of quality. The versatile ‘Maxfoam™ Concept PRO’ machine is equipped with world class technology, which will enable us to produce a wide range of polyurethane foam under similar conditions to our customers.”


Paul Cookson

"The Laader Berg team worked with us to develop our machine specification and as part of that process they challenged our assumptions, offered innovative solutions and used their expertise to guide us.  Once the specification was agreed we gave them a huge challenge – build this complex machine, quickly, in an imperfect building starting in a few months time! Laader Berg rose to the challenge and their team of dedicated engineers and specialists delivered a fantastic, shiny new machine on-time.  Well done Laader Berg!"

Vita Group

Mark Lewis

"It's capital to choose the right partner, partnership is very important, for sure business is important too, but confidence and strong believes one on the other is more, that is my way of thinking. With Laader Berg, good chemistry has been cultivated since day one and when the seeds are strong, in good health and well fed, the results are always positive.
The partnership with Laader Berg for me , it means that it's not only a matter of money , it’s a kind of accompaniment. For example , the silicone mixer , I bought it years after the installation , and I was very happy to order and use it, it solves lot of my technical problems. For me it means that my partner think and care about me even after finalizing the sale.
Together we have created success, and I am very grateful."


Nabil Lahlou

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