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The Maxfoam Compact is the perfect choice for space-efficient foam production. A modern design, backed up with a well-proven trough and fallplate system and our world-famous mixing system, provides unbeatable price vs performance. The footprint is kept small due to its unique design with high level of integration. This enables us to install the Maxfoam™ Compact in locations where space is limited.

The design and very small footprint of the Maxfoam™ Compact makes it easy to design well working factory layouts, also where space is limited. The main objective with the Maxfoam™ Compact, from the early sketches to the ready-made product, was to make it small without losing out on flexibility or process safety and stability. The result is a modern machine with class leading performance and a user-oriented design.

Quick and easy implementation is one of the strengths of the Maxfoam™ Compact. We have reduced the time needed for assembly on-site to a minimum by using a high level of pre-assembled units with integrated key mechanical features. This ensures consistent quality all the way from machine manufacturing to foam production.

Based on the robust Maxfoam principle, trough and fall plate, the machine is easy to master and will quickly be turning valuable raw materials into premium polyurethane foam.

Maxfoam™ - trough and fall plate technology
Advanced computer system controls all process variables
Safety in Design
Low electrical consumption
Advanced computer
Inbuilt flexible design


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